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Brow Lift & Eye Lifts in Pearland & Pasadena, TX

If you have sagging eyebrow lines and forehead skin, Dr. Craig can correct the problem with a brow lift procedure. Brow lifts or forehead lifts reverse the long-term effects of aging and tighten the forehead for a more youthful. Different brow-lift methods involve different incisions in different locations and may be performed using an endoscope. Dr. Craig’s brow lift corrects:

  • Deep horizontal creases across the forehead
  • Frown lines between eyebrows or across the nose
  • Sagging eyebrows with a tired, unhappy or grumpy appearance
  • Excess skin or fatty tissue hanging over your eyes or impeding vision

Eye Lifts Can Make You Look Ten Years Younger

Eye lifts, also called eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, can correct both cosmetic and functional problems with your eyes. An eye lift may be just right for you if have:

  • Excess skin hanging over the natural upper fold
  • Loose skin hanging over the eyelashes
  • Puffy upper/lower eyelids that look tired & aging
  • Deep creases under your eyes


Inviting eyes are essential to a youthful appearance. Your eyes are engaging and should sparkle with youth.
The effects of the time and gravity around the eyes are frequently the most noticeable signs of aging in the face. Your eyes are where people look when they interact with you. Heavy eyelids may make you look tired even after a good night’s sleep.
Tired-looking eyes can be the result of too much skin, excess fat, retained fluid or bulging muscles. Your surgeon should be able to identify what is the unique cause of your concerns and be an expert in treating them.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

My name Is Judith O. I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Luis Craig when I was having problems with my vision, my skin wouldn’t allow me to open my eyes or see peripherally completely. My Optometrist suggested I should have “bleph". I was referred to Dr Craig, an excellent person and a great surgeon. He performed my surgery, with no complications, and in a week nobody could tell I had anything done. Not even my Optometrist. She was happy, like me, with the outcome. My vision improved 100%. Thank you Dr Craig. May God bless you and your hands.
Sincerely, Judith, O