Fat Harvest & Fat Injections in Pearland & Pasadena, TX

Fat harvesting and fat injections can increase the volume of the face. Dr. Craig can remove or harvest fat cells from one part of the body and reintroduce them to the face. This facial fat injection can minimize facial imperfections associated with aging by adding fullness for a more youthful look. This has become the procedure of choice to correct facial scarring, augment lips and eliminate deep creases such as  nasolabial folds and glabellar furrows. Dr. Craig performs fat harvest and fat injections with great care and military precision for his patients in Pearland and Pasadena, Houston, Friendwood and Galena Park.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

My name Is Judith O. I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Luis Craig when I was having problems with my vision, my skin wouldn’t allow me to open my eyes or see peripherally completely. My Optometrist suggested I should have “bleph". I was referred to Dr Craig, an excellent person and a great surgeon. He performed my surgery, with no complications, and in a week nobody could tell I had anything done. Not even my Optometrist. She was happy, like me, with the outcome. My vision improved 100%. Thank you Dr Craig. May God bless you and your hands.
Sincerely, Judith, O